Medical Questions

Recently, Dr. Pedersen held a special Q&A conference call. In the call he answered questions posed to him by medical professionals. Below, You will find the questions as well as individual recordings of his answers. Simply click the play button located at the bottom of each question.

  1. How do we determine the dosage of chocolate for individual patients with inflammation and health issues presenting with these conditions:

    a. Back, Neck (or other discrete pain)?
    b. Arthritis
    c. Cancer (any differences to us re the type of cancer?)
    d. Heart Disease
    e. Obesity
    f. Anxiety
    g. IBS, Celiac and other related conditions
    h. MS
    i. Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue
    j. Other—please inform

  2. How we we tell the difference between an occasional Allergic reaction to Xocai vs. Detox symptoms?

      3. What about Acid Reflux?

       4. Can Xocai be helpful to patients with Type 1 Diabetes?

       5. Can Xocai be helpful to patients with ADD, ADHD or Autism?

       6. Should patients consuming Xocai  reduce or stop taking supplements?

        7. Why do you use any Sucralose at all in the Shake and Cookie?

      8. Can Xocai be helpful in Restless Leg syndrome? If so, how?