Get Organized /Get Going


If your intention is to build a Xocai business that pays you ongoing income, you will want to get up to speed quickly. You wouldn't start your own law firm without first attending law school. In most respects network marketing is no different. Plan on taking time to learn the business. BUT . . . Network Marketing is also a business where you can earn WHILE you learn because tools can do the talking for you!

Do an in-home "Grand Opening" Chocolate Tasting

Setting up a Grand Opening for your business is the first thing you should do after you make your contact list. 


Power Calls
To set up 2 on 1 flip chart presentation appointments with your contacts, learn to do Power Calls with your active upline.

Click the numbers below for Power Call audio examples:

1.     2.   3.    4.

Make Sure You Own a
Flip Chart

For live two on one flip chart presentations, it's best to be accompanied by your active upline. You will learn by watching.

Web Based Flip Chart Presentations

Sometimes your contacts live too far away to meet face to face. You can use a free service called:

to show your computer screen to your contact. The presentation should be done in the same manner with your active upline (2 on 1) with each of the parties on a conference call.


Download a PowerPoint of the Standard Flipchart by

Download a PDF Document of the Standard Flipchart by CLICKING HERE

Listen to an example Standard Flipchart Presentation by CLICKING HERE

Download a PowerPoint of our team's Slightly Modified Flipchart by CLICKING HERE

Download a PDF Document of our team's Slightly Modified Flipchart by CLICKING HERE

  • Order the Xocai Ascent Plan. This is your roadmap to success in Xocai. Review it again and again. Write and track your goals. CLICK HERE.

  • Business Opportunity Oriented Tools - CLICK HERE