Get Connected

Step 1: Learn About Your Back Office

Go to and log in to your back office. Familiarize yourself with how to place orders, change autoship, and enroll new customers and distributors.

Step 2: Attend Team and Company Calls / Webinars

These calls are extremely important. They will keep you in the know and on track. To familiarize yourself with the schedule for calls and webinars    Click Here.

Step 3: Book Yourself for the Next Major Event.

Depending on when you started your business, this would be either the next "Learn 2 Earn" event or the International Convention. These events offer you information-dense training on the best ways to build your business.  Frankly the people who attend these events have a serious head start on those who don’t. They can cut months or even years off of your learning curve. You simply can’t find any other substitute for being at these events live—talking to top producers and corporate executives personally, asking questions, networking during breaks, and immersing yourself in success programming with the best and brightest people in Xocai.

These are the kinds of programs for which you would pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars, pounds, or Euros if you could find something like them in a public seminar. (Which you can’t.) Find out from your sponsor when the next major event is and get registered now!